Tick Tock

Random fact about me: Though I am a Christian, I do not usually listen to the Christian radio station. There are a few different reasons. The main one is that I like variety in my music choices. We usually listen to Pandora or iTunes mixes. Now, on to the post.

The above title is not a reference to a biological clock. It’s an allusion to timing. Knowing when to take or refuse the job offer or when to invest and when to hold back. When should I leave the house so I don’t have to wait in the car line? These are all issues of timing.

I like to be on time. I actually prefer to be early. That way you don’t miss anything. I don’t interrupt the program happening. It’s good for me to be on time. With each child I have had, there is an awkward period of about 4 months when I can not make it on time to places. This causes me stress, which in turn causes my family stress.

Last summer we had our third child. She came into our lives all cuddly newborn. With her sweet smiles and gentle coos it was easy to while away the hours conferring with the flowers. (Wizard of Oz anyone?) Then school started about a month after she was born. School starting means we have to be somewhere on time. I didn’t just have one child to get read and the others could just wear pjs, I had to have two children ready. With all their stuff. Plus the baby. Needless to say, I was late more the first month of that school year than I have ever been in my life. I wasn’t just late getting to school, I was also late picking up from school. I know the first two months have planted the seeds of urgency in my children because now they ask, “Are we late?’ when they hear the pitch of my voice raise as we are leaving the house.

I wish this wasn’t the case. I really wish I could just relax about things. That I didn’t create anxiety disorders in my children because of my idiosyncracies. But I am not that way. Why do I like to be on time? Probably because of my parents. Yes, that’s always a good plan. Blame the parents.

It’s how God made me. To be early. And some of us have to be that way. Because if we were all the same, life would be boring. I would have no one to tut at for arriving late. Or no reason to use my phone to text someone when they aren’t at our destination.

If you aren’t wired like me and tend to have the opposite issue, than take a look at a few things we do to help get to where we need to be.

Here are some things I take into consideration when leaving the house.

1. For each child you have, count back twenty minutes before you have to leave for those that are under the age of 5. You can count back ten minutes for those over five.

2. Make your kids get their own stuff if they are able. Yes they will ask you where things are, but if they are taking care of it, they should remember where it is. This takes a few weeks for everyone to adjust to this system.

3. A trip to the store always takes at least 20 minutes. If you have more than one child with you that can talk it probably will take five times that amount.

4. Pumping gas takes time. It is not an instantaneous errand. Plan another 10 minutes if you want to do this on your way to someplace else.

5. Driving takes time. Again, you cannot leave for your destination at the time your event begins and expect to arrive before it starts. It is physically impossible.


That’s it, there’s one of my quirks and the tips I have for you today. Are you a late person or an early person? Or maybe you are a right on time person. Let me know!






One thought on “Tick Tock

  1. Michelle M. says:

    I like to be early, so I make sure everything is ready way ahead of time. I will set things out the night before or I’ll put the things out that we’ll need later in the day. I’ve basically had a baby for the past six years, so I’ve learned that I need to be overly prepared because you never know what to expect from a baby (or your oldest child if he struggles with anxiety, etc). Rule of thumb: It will ALWAYS take longer than you expect.

    I love your blog, btw. Looking forward to reading more!!

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