It’s been on my Mind

Random Fact: I grew up in a blended family. It wasn’t so bad.

Anyways, this post isn’t going to be long. My DD is waking up and we often have breakfast together while the rest of the family sleeps.

We all have things we do while driving. Such as putting on makeup at stop lights, making a mental grocery or to do list, negotiating a peace treaty between children (oh I’m sorry, that must just be in our car. I have been guilty of checking email or facebook at a particularly long red light. And I have even responded to a text message or to.

What I am asking you to do is hold me accountable not to text while the vehicle I drive is in the gear for driving. It’s just not smart for any of us. And really, is you not responding immediately to a text about ‘what’s for dinner’ really going to hurt anything? If there is an emergency there is a way people can get a hold of you. They can call you. I know, I know. It’s revolutionary and a little hipster to use such an old school method of communication. But it’s for the safety of your fellow road travelers. z

I doubt very much that anyone will actually change their behavior because of what I have typed. This is an issue I have as well. It’s very tempting to respond immediately to a text. Even when driving I can do it one handed. But if my focus is on the texting and not on the driving, than I am distracted. And I could injure someone because of it. And that could put me in jail. How can you or I be a mom to our kids and wife to our husband if we are in jail? These are my thoughts for this morning. It might have gotten a little longer than I originally planned.

It’s what was on my mind.

What are your feelings on the subject?


-Katie M


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