Random Fact: I found out about 9/11 while I was playing an internet game. People began talking about the plane crashes in the chat for the game. It was surreal.

I did write the post yesterday about choosing to move forward in joy. I also referenced the point that we are to take time to remember, just not to wallow. It is healing, I think, to remember the events in our lives that shape us. Do you remember the Lion King, Mufasa talking to the lion cub grown (Simba) To remember who you are?

Some of those events are on a national scale; like Pearl Harbor, July 4th and 9/11. These are moments that have brought our country, in part, to the place it is. A place of choice and freedom. A place where we are allowed to be friends but have different political views.  A country that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people will do anything to bring their kids here. Yes, our country is messy and ugly at times. But overall it’s a phenomenal place to live. We are so incredibly blessed to live here. I will take the U.S. on it’s worst day over anywhere else. Except heaven. Nothing will ever beat heaven.

Other events change a community. Disaster often inspires a town, church or subdivision to rise up and reach out. There are scholarships given and 5ks run all over the place that were started when one person’s loss inspired them or another to put resources in place to help another person in that same type of situation. Or maybe it’s the partaking of communion with a church body. There is something so special to me about partaking in the Lord’s Supper with other believers. It is the most powerful symbolism and so very tangible a reminder to me about God’s grace.

Then there are the events that shape us as individuals. Weddings, birthdays, funerals these are all things we remember in some way.The big events in a persons life that we don’t forget. Well, at least try not to forget. It helps me to take time to remember. When my husband and I take a date night, we remember our wedding, past friendships. We are pretty big on birthdays. Not over the top events, just letting the birthday person know they are special. (Except the one year we don’t speak of).

Each of us has an event worth remembering. Do something to honor your events. Not just for the kids or a friend. Take time yourself to recognize the important things in your life. Maybe write a letter to yourself on your birthday. Reminiscing about the past year. I have a collection of cards for each of our family members. We will take them out and look at them from time to time. If you have lost a loved one, take time to do something they loved to do, or that you did together. Like cooking, going to sing karaoke. Whatever you need to do, remember the times that shaped you. Why else would I save the ticket stubs to the first movie my husband and I saw. (It was the Count of Monte Cristo)




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