I’m geeky and I know it

Random Fact: I grew up watching the original Star Trek.
As the third child of a four child family, I did not get to pick what I watched on Saturday mornings. Or if I did, it was very rare and I don’t remember. I remember being somewhere around the early elementary age and complaining to my siblings that we weren’t watching My little Pony. The original folks, not the drivel they have made it into. My older brother tried to convince me that G.I. Joe was a girl show. Because there were girls in it. As empowering as Lady Jae, Baroness and Scarlett (if you are not a nerd and want to read up on these strong female role models, here’s a link http://www.mania.com/10-badass-female-gi-joe-characters_article_116764.html) are, they didn’t quite meet the need my second grade self had for sparkles and rainbows.
All this is to say I knew more about the X-men than I did about Jem. I only knew about She-ra because she was the lost twin sister of Prince Adam (He-Man) and there were a few cross-over episodes. And He-man sometimes made an appearance on She-ra so that was deemed ok to watch by big brother. By the time my older siblings moved out of the house, I was a freshman in High School and my taste had evolved beyond My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake. Although, I still held a fondness in my heart for the Care Bears and their stare. (If you don’t know about He-man you can catch him on Netflix).

The damage had been done. My older brothers dictatorship over our Saturday morning cartoon watching had effectively brainwashed me. Here’s the confession: I LIKED GI JOE. I also liked the X-Men, how cool would it be to be super human? To be able to move things with your mind? Or shoot laser beams out of  your eyes?? And Wolverine was hot, even as a cartoon character. Not to mention Cyclops. Unfailing loyalty to your flighty girlfriend who may or may not explode and kill the world? Eat your heart out Edward Cullen. (If you are again lost, watch the movie X-Men: Origins. It’s decent and interesting)

I could not, in High School or College, admit that I was a geek. It wasn’t until I met, dated and married my own version of a superhero husband that I began to release my inner geek. When my husband realized that I preferred my super hero movies to sappy romance movies, he began to culture my little bud of geek into a beautiful butterfly bush of GEEK. Maybe you ladies are like I was, you are in denial about your geekiness. Thinking there are no other women who will understand your love for Val Kilmer as Batman, or that you are the only one that appreciates the whimsy of The Hobbit. But we are here. Us geeky moms are waiting to embrace you and share in your outrage at George Lucas for tearing off our rose tinted glasses with his reimagined version of Star Wars.  If you need some help identifying if you are a geek, here’s a list:

1. You can tell what version of Batman a kid’s Halloween costume is from. Really I can.

2. You get excited that Netflix is now offering the cartoons and shows you watched as a kid.

3. This is connected to 2, Your children know more about 80s and 90s cartoons then they do about current cartoons.

4. You know there are different types of RISK. (I am not talking about investment banking)

5. You willingly take your kids to the comic store for “New Comic Book Day”

6. You discourage your kids from playing sports, actually live in fear of them being athletic.

7. You break into a skin rash when you are outside for more than 15 minutes.

Embrace your geekiness!



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