Because he’s worth it

Random fact: My husband and I disagree on where we met. It doesn’t matter. We are happily married now.

Who’s worth it? My husband. Normally, I would save this space for my mental ramblings. But I felt like I should share this link with you all. It’s a big part of our lives, and I want your help. Their I said. Shameless pitch to follow. Thanks for whatever way you can help.

This is a link to my husband’s Kickstarter page. A what page? A kickstarter page. Kickstarter is a web based place that you can put up your business idea, product, crazy venture and have people give money towards it. It’s capital funding for the digital age. As incentive for people to give money to you, the pledgee offers a reward based on how much a person gives towards their project.

I love my husband. He is enormously talented. This miniature line is my husband’s dream. In the last three years, it became my dream too. I want to see this succeed. If you want to give us money, great. If not, we’ll find a way to forgive you. (Just kidding! It’s ok if you don’t back the project) What we are asking is that you spread this link around. Blow up your facebook page, the twitterverse, the blogosphere. Where ever you have some influence, share the link.

Thanks and blessings on your day


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