Making Mondays Marvelous

Random fact: I walked to and from school in elementary and high school. Sometimes it was uphill and in the snow both ways.

So it’s Monday. The day of the week accredited with sleepiness, a lack of productivity and all around irrational, but tolerated, hatred of the world. The day we all give each other a little more slack because we are all shifting gears from the laziness of the weekend. We all need a little extra jolt in our morning beverage to get us going. Belinda Carlisle and the Bangles sang about Mondays. How they are a drudgery and an unending string of badness. I used to agree with the Bangles. That Mondays were manic and no good for anything.

Now I, respectfully, disagree. I like Mondays. Really, I like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Why? Why would I like Mondays?

One, I am a little weird.

Two, I like routine. Monday thru Friday our routine is pretty set in place. We have our various activities, a time frame that things get done in. I am most productive during the week. Not that productivity is everything, but if I have a project that needs to be done it’s done during the week days. I am no weekend warrior. I am a week day wizard.

Three, I like my quiet time. I never realized how much I missed the time when it was quiet in my house. With two boys, it had been awhile since I had experienced quiet. Now they are in school and I have six and half hours of quiet some days. It’s nice, really nice. READ THIS CLEARLY: I love my children. Sincerely. But I am most productive when they are at school. If you have ever tried to empty a toy bucket while your children are playing, you understand.And I would rather be productive when they are gone so I can focus on them when they are here.  And I believe that children have a uncanny knack for breaking into tears, have a sudden dire need to eat or demand for cuddle time when ever a parent picks up a phone. It’s true! Almost without fail when I try to make a call on the weekend one of our children will walk or toddle over to us and need something IMMEDIATELY! It’s like the chip in my phone sends a signal to my kids brains that now would be the BEST POSSIBLE time to interrupt the parents. It’s a little spooky.

Also, my husband is home on the weekends. He’s there in the evenings too. And I love him. He is a great help to our family. We take care of our kids like tag team wrestlers. I love parenting with my man.  I also crave time alone with him. We work at having that. But that doesn’t really happen on the weekends. It usually happens on Wednesday nights while our kids are at Awana. That’s when we have time to talk about the week and dream about the future.
So that’s my rationale. I like the week days because I have more freedom to get things done. The older two are at school, the little one is able to rest uninterrupted. I get some quiet time. It helps me recharge and be prepared for the weekend and the time when the kids and my husband are home. So I’m taking Monday with an extra side of gratefulness.

What’s your favorite/least favorite day of the week and why?



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