Random Fact: My favorite food style is Mediterranean. There’s just something about olives, couscous and pita bread that hits the spot for me.

We are going to take some to think about boys today. I have two under the age of ten and I am married to a man. I am not sure that even going to a foreign land is as strange as living with these members of the male order. If you only have daughters, maybe some of this will give you insight for your future sons-in-law? Or maybe into other members of the male species you interact with.

When you look at a boys behavior, do you ever wonder where it came from? Yes we all have a sin nature and test boundaries. But really, where do boys come up with some of their stuff?  I think the comedian Tim Hawkins summed it up well by saying, “Boys will try anything that will hurt themselves.” Really, they will. Jump on the furniture? Check. Run through the house with wet feet? Check. Run through the house naked with wet feet, especially over the linoleum? Check. Bounce on one foot down the stairs? Check. Throw rocks in the air and see if they will hit you in the head? Check. Scream in each others ears just to see how loud they can scream? Check. Seriously, it is a foreign concept to me. What drives the boys to such craziness? Maybe they are going to be physicist? In that case they must be genius’s to do this stuff.

I am pretty sure they are aliens. With all the emphasis on Star Trek and space ships in general my husband seems to be focused (read: obsessed) on, it makes me wonder if this is my husbands way of contacting his home planet? I am pretty sure the men in my house are aliens. Or at least half-alien. Does this make me the mother ship? Since I am the one who carried and delivered these exotic progeny? Or maybe, just maybe these idiosyncratic filled delights of mine are here to give me a few pointers about living life loudly. And not be so wrapped up in my need for quiet and order. Because let’s face it, I’m plenty weird myself.

Here is how I deal with the craziness that comes with my boys

1. If you have more than one child, try to get them alone. Even if it means having your other children do something else in a different room. Just make sure each child gets the same amount of time, or there might be hurt feelings. And you might want to alternate who gets attention first. I once heard is it that our kids have attention deficit disorder, or that they have a deficit of attention?  I know my boys need alone time with each of us or they just start getting nuts! Another reason to separate boys for time with you is that they can get competitive with each other.

2. Give them food. Lots of it. Try to make it healthy and fun. But don’t feel guilty if the snack ideas on Pinterest aren’t your thing. There not mine either. My kids get excited when the food on the plate makes a face. That’s my limit.

3. Do something with them. Along side. Not face to face. This way they are distracted and will answer your questions without thinking about them.

4. Never make direct eye contact when asking how they are feeling. As with the older members of the male species, the progeny will shut off communication when direct eye contact is made. See #3

5. Be silly.  I know I take myself way to seriously. This job of raising young boys to young men to men dependent on God is hard work. Blow off steam with your kids. Invite them to be a part of what you love. We like to read outside. Or have races. Get on the monkey bars with your child. Laughing together, even with older kids, brings you together.

Ok, that’s it for today. What’s the most ‘alien’  thing about your boys? What tips and tricks do you have in living life with them?

3 thoughts on “Aliens

  1. Alien? My boys and I seem perfectly normal, thank you very much. It’s my wife and daughter I have difficulty understanding. Thanks for the insight, Katie. Now, pass the Romulan Ale and energize!

  2. I LIKE that… but people would notice. Romulan Ale (if I recall – ask Tom) is BLUE. 😉

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