Be Prepared

Random Fact: I prefer cold weather to hot. You can always put another layer on. Modesty dictates there is only so much you can take off. Just saying…

Did you ever see that one movie, it was about lions. It was animated. They made a Tony-award winning musical about it. What was it called? Oh yeah, The Lion King. In the movie, Scar (the current king’s brother) is jealous of the fact that there is a new lion cub around. This lion cub being born has obliterated any chance Scar had of being king. So, Scar starts planning a cout de ta. Then there is a jazzy musical number that Scar sings with his hyena pals. It’s all very informative and ominous in the way that only a Disney movie could make a song about a cout be. What does this have to do with today’s post? Absolutely nothing. Except the title of the post is the same as the song Scar sings. Be preeee paaaaared. Start the jazzy score.

I have always had an interest in politics. It started when I went Washington DC in 5th grade? And then went a few more times over the course of junior high and high school. At one point I even wanted to be a lobbyist. True story.

A lot of my political zeal waned in the early years of my children’s lives. I didn’t want their precious ears to be filled with random curse words or have to explain adult situations to them. I didn’t want the boys to understand concepts like racial inequality or social injustice. They were to young to need to know about those things. I just wanted my kids to see people as people and not demographic groups.

If you didn’t know, we are in the thick of election season. Last night there was a debate between the two candidates for President. And there was a lot of tweeting and commenting going on in the social media realm. I got all fired up and sent a few tweets of my own out into twitterverse. I checked Facebook a few times and saw that some people were watching the debate for the first time. Others could barely stand the fact it was on.

I know that not everyone likes the political process. There are quite a few reasons why politics can be off-putting. However, we live in a representative democracy. That means we choose who represents us in the government. Yes, a lot of compromises are made and it might not be possible to find one candidate who will meet every check box you or I have. But if I don’t even take the time to listen, or at the very least do a google search to find out what the candidates stand for, then how will I know how I am being represented?

Because that matters. If I am under the decisions someone else is making, I want to make sure that there are people elected into office who share at least some of my views. Or, if they don’t share my views, that they are open to finding middle ground where both sides of an issue are discussed and represented.

There, that’s my political rant for this election season. Only four weeks till voting day.


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