Rights, Part 2

Random Fact: It’s hard not to eat something right in front of you. Like the left over cupcakes off your kids plate. Or even your kids friend’s plate.

Last week after I wrote this article on rights, and the right I have to time, I was thinking about other rights I hold onto. As a middle-class American, it wasn’t that hard to think of a few some of them were

1. A right to my smart phone.

2. A right to new clothes.

3. A right to not have to cook dinner.

4. A right to not have to do the dishes, again.

5. A right to watch whatever I want.

6. A right to take out my frustrations on my husband.

7. A right to non-gagging x-rays. (I really think this one should be drafted into the Declaration of Independence, but maybe that’s me.)

I could probably go on, but truthfully I don’t want to expose myself any more than what is already listed. So, I had all these rights in head. As things that I should have. And then I started seeing tweets from Jen Hatmaker (check out her blog here) and Mary Demuth (check out her here) as they were blogging as part of the Help1Haiti team I saw all these images of kids and adults with so much less than I had. Kids living in orphanages made of mud walls and bed sheets. And it made me so so sad. My heart was overwhelmed with compassion and my sense of entitlement deflated like a birthday balloon run out of helium.

Our church is part of the Covenant denomination. As a whole, the Covenant church is partnering with World Vision to reach out to the Congo. For the last few weeks, our staff at church has been teaching on the parables of Jesus. On October 7th it was the parable on helping the least of these. All around me were these messages of reaching beyond myself. Of giving up my rights and my entitlements so I can help others.  This Sunday, October 21, is Hope Sunday. Where Covenant churches all around the United States are committing to helping kids out in the Congo. It cost $40 a month to sponsor one of these little ones. That’s eating out twice for my husband and I. That’s one meal for our whole family.

In the book of James, we are told that the only pure and faultless religion is taking care of widows and orphans. It’s not a suggestion, it’s a command. We all can take part some way to help those that cannot help themselves. In one of the HelpOneNow blogs, I believe it was Jen Hatmaker, the reader was challenged to gather there group and sponsor a child together. If our small group did that, it would cost us less than seven dollars a person. And it doesn’t just extend food and medicine to these kids, it extends hope. The message of Jesus ‘s love and grace is shared with these kids. Education and mico-finance loans providing opportunity to break these cycles of slavery and poverty.

So I pass the challenge to you. Gather your friends, co-workers, small-group. Take a look at your family budget. Is there a way to give $40?  Is there somewhere that you can shave off a few dollars each week so that you can sponsor a child? If my selfish and entitled self can find a way, I think some of you can to.

If you would like to sponsor a child thru World Vision, please click here.



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