Working Plan

Random tip- short indoor tracks are not the best way to run for three and a half miles.

This week I wrapped up the Bible study that I was a part of on the book of Nehemiah. I referenced it a few times, here and here. It opened my eyes so much to the need for me to reach out to others. To be looking for ways to share God’s love with others. In a tangible and real way, not just in a check writing way.

The last few days in particular were a firm reminder to press on to the work that God has laid out for me. Even when I don’t understand or know what will come after this first step, to just keep moving forward until there is a definite “NO” from God. The quote I liked best from Kelly Minter‘s video was “I may not know what’s in front of me, but there is nothing I am clutching now that is worth forgoing the work God has laid in my heart.” That was at the very end of our last video session. And it’s so very true for me.

Nothing I hold dear is as important as God’s work that he has given me. OR for you. But it’s so easy to get distracted. There’s home, family, work. Church, ministry, activities. What is the balance in all of this? I feel like God has been pretty clear to me on what the work is that He has for me. Just typing this post is evidence of that. Life sometimes gets in the way, I think with discipline, daily being persistent in carving out time to do the work God has for you and me is what builds momentum in us to keep going forward with God’s work for us.

But I know it’s not always clear for every one. That God reveals Himself in His own timing to each of us when we are able to hear Him. While you are waiting for the full plan to be revealed to you it can be difficult. There is a page in the Dr. Seuss book “Oh the places you will go” that talks about the waiting place. It’s a bunch of people just sitting around waiting. You can get stuck there. Just sitting around waiting for God’s plan to be revealed. And that’s good for a time. The tricky thing is knowing when God is saying to move forward and when He means for us to be still and wait. Pray, pray pray in this season.

Sometimes saying yes to God’s work means saying no to the plans you have. I know that I had my life planned out a certain way, and it hasn’t turned up that way. At all. And it would have been easier to wallow in remorse and anger over different situations. However, God used the people in my life to help me see that God wasn’t punishing me for anything by taking my life in a different direction, He was moving me toward Him. Looking back, I am so grateful for those encouragers. I want to be that for others now.

So that’s where I am, just trying to be obedient and faithful to the work God has laid out for me. What has he laid out for you? Have you ever thought about it?




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