The Secret

Random tidbit: For a taste of summer use the broiler in your oven to make some bbq chicken and pair it with a can of baked beans. Delicious.
So I have been a mom for a few years now. It’s been fun. And I am at the point that I feel pretty confident about the parenting choices my husband and I have made. However, there were a few years that I wasn’t so sure we were going to make it to the boys being teenagers. The lack of sleep and constant demands for my attention were combining into that perfect storm of crazy that could have gone horribly wrong.

Thankfully, God placed some key individuals in my life that helped us weather that storm. I was also introduced to a magical substance that has helped me perk up and my children now sleep thru the night. Kind of. At least for six hours.

What is this magical substance? And how did I find it? I was sitting at a play area one day. The boys must have been four and two. They were big enough to run around and play, but not so big they posed a threat to any other kids. But I was marveling at the woman across the way who had a smile on her face and was calmly explaining something to her child. I noticed a white cup in her hand. It had a green stamp of some sort on the outside. I saw the label. I recognized it from my college days. That’s right folks, it was caffeine. I bought my first cup of coffee in five years that afternoon. It was delicious! I had so much energy! I was focused and could multitask without getting to lost in what I was doing. And then I was up for half the night because I hadn’t known to get decaf at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Lesson learned.

Yes, I had known about coffee in my early adult years. But I had read the studies that said you should avoid caffeine while pregnant and breast-feeding. So I did. But those days were past. And now I could reacquaint myself with this lovely, legal drug. You can too! Just be smart and order decaf if you need a jolt in the afternoon.

What’s your caffeinated beverage of choice?



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