Random thought: Daylight savings isn’t that bad. What does it matter how much sleep you get in the night when you have small children waking you up every few hours anyways?

As per my last post, I went away this weekend. It was wonderful. I got to learn and be challenged with my mom and some good friends. I was privileged to here an amazing speaker share teachings from the Bible that took on new meaning and gave me a different perspective. My husband and kids had a great time as well. All in all it was a great weekend.

While at my retreat I learned all about mission. How Jesus has a mission for me, and it’s my job to be obedient to Him. That it’s God’s job to become great and my job to be faithful.

I learned there are a few ‘buildings’ in my mind that may need to be torn down by Jesus so that he can rebuild them in a way that will be structurally sound. Because when I build up ideas and suppositions in our minds on man based truth, that is a shaky foundation. Maybe it’s just a half-truth. Or a cultural belief that I have taken as Biblical truth. These are things that lay a shaky foundation. When the storms of life come in, a building built on a unstable foundation will fall. Leaving me exposed and open to attack. But the storms of life are not always bad. Most of the time when the storms of life come, they are a time of testing. The wind blows away the half-truths and man based ideas about culture and church. The ideas and beliefs that I have held close as truth are exposed as not being full truth.

After the storm, Jesus comes in with his construction crew. He rebuilds the walls around my heart. Instead of building them in a rigid and stiff way that would keep all others out, Jesus builds walls with gates that would allow me to let others in when I am supposed to and still have boundaries when I should. Jesus takes the ideas I had about church and ministry and replaces them with His truth about what true religion is. (Hint: it has to do with the book of James in the Bible, read it. If you want to do a study on it, I recommend this.) Jesus removes the demolition of my old ideas and rebuilds beautiful places for me to live in. Places built on Jesus’s truth and not on my own interpretations.

Is there something Jesus needs to wreck in your life?




2 thoughts on “Reconstruction

  1. Tina says:

    Wow, I want to check out that James study now! Thank you 🙂

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