You can help!

Random tidbit: I think babies are born with the instincts of octopi. At the slightest sense of something at the end of their limbs, they begin to wave their arm or leg around like they are fending off an attacker.

Ok, so the last six months have radically impacted my faith. They have stirred up in me a desire to do more than just attend church and help out with Bible studies. I have been compelled to reach beyond myself.  And to encourage others to go outside themselves as well.

There is a very easy way you can do this thru your every day spending. I follow Jen Hatmaker on Twitter. She is a tremendously gifted writer, blogger and I bet she is pretty cool to hear in person as well. She launched the Legacy Project. It’s to build a school in Haiti. In small incremental steps. The funding is happening thru Pure Charity, you can learn more about it here. You build up funds by shopping at major retailers and then that builds up a little account that you can use to fund different charitable projects. It’s ingenious. And easy.

So please, take some time to click on the links in this post. Set up your Pure Charity account and then back Ms. Jen Hatmaker. Maybe you want to get crazy and bring a group of friends along with you? Maybe you want to talk to your kids or adult family members about taking a little bit of what you spend and putting it towards this instead? Who needs another toy to pick up? Or another knick knack to dust?

Let’s take all our American spending habits and do a little bit of good with them. I am going to close with this quote from Ms. Hatmaker’s blog:

Jesus always told us that the kingdom would come in small ways: like a seed, like yeast in dough, like a small pearl in a shell, through children and the meek. It may not feel fancy or totally comprehensive or enormous. But it is in the million small moments of obedience, of sacrifice, of trust in the power of Jesus that the kingdom advances. It’s in your little offering and my small part and all of that added together turns into hope and a future. Building a school in the middle of poverty will not change everything…

But it’s a start.

It counts.



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