Be with each other

Random Tidbit: Smog is hard to run through. It often leaves the runner wheezing for a few minutes. Breathe shallowly until you are thru the smog.

I am so incredibly blessed to be part of the church that my family and I attend. It is a warm, vibrant spirit-filled place. I have yet to meet someone that is insincere. There is an atmosphere of love. I came to this current church in such a fragile state. My husband and I had moved four times in five years. We had been thru several major ordeals. I had an over sized cart of baggage that I had been carrying around since as long as I could remember.

Then we move to our current town and, I am not kidding, went to fourteen different churches over a two month period. (Sometimes I ran reconnaissance on Wednesday to see if we should go as a family on Wednesday. This led to me beginning a healing process that God had started in college. There had been episodes at other churches and in college where God would begin to pull back the crusty old bandages that I was clamping down on my wounds, but I would always convince myself that the time wasn’t right for healing. Because I knew better than God. It was tiring to keep holding God at bay and still try to grow in relationship with Him. I think God was tired of our fight too. God put a seal over my life. This season was hard. But God didn’t just leave me to wallow in loneliness.

I had been attending a Bible Study during the week with some other wonderful ladies of our church and they never pushed or coerced me into attending their church. They simply loved me for who I was. They provided a great place to share and be honest. Because they themselves were open and honest about their struggles. I was in a season where my babies weren’t really babies anymore. They were headed towards preschool age. I had gotten some friends and could tell God had put them in my life so He could minister to me thru them. To quote a friend, I had had my babies, gotten married and finally was in a place that felt settled. So now, God was going to start pulling out the yuck in my life and replace it with Himself. God brought me to this church and put women in my life that really started to ask questions that helped me draw out the poison and filth that was holding me back from truly experiencing His freedom.

This is what He wants for us. To be together. In community. Open and honest with one another. Not alone and hurting. We are made to be WITH ONE ANOTHER. There is no healing if we don’t reach out. I encourage you to go beyond yourself. It’s seems so much easier to just sit where we are. To not reach out. If you are in a time of pain and hurting, let someone know. Others cannot help if you do not let them know what’s going on. If you are in a ‘good place’ please look out beyond yourself and reach out to someone who might be hurting.

I would not be where I am today if other women (and men, but mostly women) hadn’t been open to reaching out to me. I celebrate you today. You women of valor that reached out to me and my family in the season of hurt I was in. Thank-you for your love and grace.



3 thoughts on “Be with each other

  1. Tina says:

    That is so awesome! Sharpening each other is so difficult but so rewarding. So excited these women followed His lead and that He faithfully prepared your heart.

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