Better Together

Random tidbit: It’s hard not to eat something right in front of you. So when I am finished, I will throw something on my plate of food that makes it inedible, like some water, or a few ice cubes that will melt and leave the plate a sloppy, water mess. There are other times when I just push through. That’s usually a regrettable choice.
It’s the week of Thanksgiving! There is a lot of baking and packing to do. I am loving it. Give me a lists of tasks to complete and I am a happy girl. That’s what the rest of today will be for me. Laundry and baking all day. Thankfully, our little miss is liking putting things in boxes, so I have a few sorting games for her to be distracted by while I get to work.

I really like Thanksgiving. It’s a time of family, food and fun. Thanksgiving to me is games, puzzles, pie and long conversations with relatives you only see once or maybe twice a year. Friendships with cousins are made and then developed each year. The extended family members that you cyber stalk can update you on what’s actually going on in their lives beyond the status posts you see on our favorite social network site. (I am talking about Facebook my friends, I don’t really do any of the other sites.) It’s the day we can slow down and where our stretchy pants without anyone judging us. It is a day of traditions.  I LOVE IT.

My top five things about Thanksgiving:

1. Family relationships. My husband and I both come from some pretty great families. So I always enjoy catching up with the people i usually only cyber stalk.

2. Food. I love food, always have, always will. I love the sides, I love the meat, I love the dessert. It’s a day celebrating the bounty of the harvest. Of sharing a meal! How much better can it get?

3. Games and puzzles. Playing games with a little bit of friendly competition and then cooling off while having a chat around a puzzle are good times.

4. Cousins. This kind of goes along with number one. Most of our cousins live a few hours away so we don’t see them very often. I love that my kids can run thru the house with a pack of their cousins just laughing and having fun.

5. Pumpkin cake. This glorious dessert deserves it’s own category. It’s my favorite thing to eat. Forget pie, I love cake.

That’s what I’m looking forward to. I pray you have a blessed thanksgiving.


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