The Mail, more exciting than you thought

Random Tidbit: I sometimes forget what I was going to write about.
Every afternoon one of our boys goes out to check the mail box if we have any mail. Most of the time they come back with a load of junk mail. You know: advertisements, credit card solicitations or maybe post cards from random businesses that aren’t to far from our home. It used to be more exciting to get the mail. There would be a card or even a letter from someone. I remember my mom and grandma used to write letters to each other. My mom has most of these. I have a few letters from my grandma. They are treasures. Then the world began to be connected via phone than computers. Now, I look forward to emails and notifications on social network sites.

I’m getting away from the subject I am meaning to write about. So most days, the mail isn’t worth looking at. It’s either the stuff mentioned in the above paragraph or it’s bills. Unless it’s Christmas time or near one of our birthdays, we don’t get that jazzed about the mail. Yesterday, however, something exciting came in the mail. It was a little orange and white packet. Inside were some pictures and a pamphlet about living in the Congo. Our family had received our World Vision sponsor child packet! We had signed up a few weeks ago. I am really excited about this. The biggest way to build a relationship with our sponsor child is to write letters. I am going to encourage the kids to write letters. Also, we will once again have something to look forward to in the mail when it’s not our birthdays or Christmas time. Because the only way our little girl can communicate back to us is by writing letters.

I might just start writing letters to other people. Maybe it can be a kind of retro fad.


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