A house is not a home

Random tidbit: If you need glasses to drive, you should wear them. It makes the road easier to see.

Driving thru my subdivision this morning, I was admiring the different levels of Christmas decor on the houses. While some were extravagantly decked out, others were more sedate in their choice of decor. Still others, had no lights what so ever. Leaving them looking a little less cheerful than their more flamboyant neighbors. While each house was nice in it’s own way, some of the houses stood out more than others.

If we can, let’s take this house and light analogy down a little path. For several years as a teenager and going into my adult years I didn’t know who or what I was supposed to be. I had taken spiritual gifting tests and the Meyer Briggs personality test. I had wonderful people that met with me and mentored me. All in an effort to figure out who I was. Since I was so ignorant of who I was, I became a chameleon. Changing personalities and attitudes to fit the situation in which I was a part. It was tiring, and sometimes confusing. I didn’t let my different worlds collide to much. We know from Seinfeld, that can be very dangerous. In my late twenties, I was so worn out trying to be who I thought others wanted me to be I gave up. I went into a depression that lasted several years. My house was very dark and completely undecorated. The only light that was in me was a small little candle deep inside my heart. This was hope. The hope of Jesus that I had been brought up on. But it was going to take a whole lot of wax and wick for that candle to shine out of the darkness.

You know what? It did. Jesus came into my dark little house. He began a remodeling project from the inside out. Jesus came in and knocked out some walls. He took the boards off the windows so I could start looking outside of myself and so that others could look in. Jesus started putting candles in each of the windows that were in my house. Than, He lined the outside of my house with Christmas lights so that I could shine brightly and point others to Him.

Where are you in your house decorating? Not literally, spiritually. Are you a dark house? Maybe you haven’t had time or the energy to put some lights up. Maybe you are in a more subtle stage. Just one or two strands of lights. Or maybe you have the full National Lampoons’ Christmas vacation style of lighting. Whatever state of decoration you are in, it’s ok to be where you are. Just know that Jesus wants to deck your ‘house’ out to the fullest.



One thought on “A house is not a home

  1. […] think it’s easy to assume that a ‘dark’ house (remember houses represent people) is someone who doesn’t know Jesus. This is a false assumption. Yes, a lot of people […]

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