A tale of two Titles

Random tidbit: I cam downstairs to write this post and accidentally clicked on the quick link I have to Pinterest instead of the quick link to Word Press. Thirty minutes later… here we are.

I read two different memoirs this week. They were both well written. They both made me hug my kids a little closer.  I had picked up these books over the Thanksgiving weekend. We were making our way back home over the course of seven hours and this was our lunch stop. After we ate some delicious Chinese food at P.F. Changs, we headed over to a GIANT book store. They had used books as well as newer models. I had originally begged off browsing because browsing is not the same when your sixteenth month old wants to wander around an extra large book store. It was easy to lose people in this place. I had actually already lost my over six foot husband a few times. So imagine how fast I could lose our under two feet daughter?

Anyways, I was trying to corral our little wandering minstrel in the kids section while the older two destroyed the Schleich animal display.  (Note: Schleich toys are wildly expensive. They are also extremely cool. You can see the draw of them to my kids.) I was patiently waiting for my husband to come back from his perusing around this mecca of books. I was also ready to get back on the road. But then we wandered over to the used kids book section so the boys could pick out a little something new to entertain them for about thirty seconds in the car. Just kidding. They looked at their new books like treasure maps for the rest of our trip home.

It was near the children’s books that I found the first of two memoirs that I read this week. It was called Mennonite in a Little Black Dress.  The book was written by Rhoda Janzen, It is funny, poignant and so worth the read. There is some salty language every now and again, but over all it’s a sweet story of a woman who learns to embrace where she has come from and starts to put her life back together after it has been shattered. I loved it. I want to buy copies of it and pass it out to my friends.

The second book I found was Stealing Buddha’s Dinner: A Memoir. This was written by Bich (pronounced Bit) Ming Nguyen) It was the story of her coming to America from Vietnam with her family. This story was also about her figuring out her place in the world. Coming from an immigrant family, Bich’s story tells us what life was like from her view point. It’s not as funny, but still well written. It’s very sad in parts. I would also recommend it for you to read.

That’s what I have done thus far. Read a couple books. They were good stories and I highly recommend them.



3 thoughts on “A tale of two Titles

  1. Michelle M. says:

    I love reading memoirs, autobiographies and biographies. I’ll have to see if my library has those books.

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