Tidbit: I prefer snow and cold to rain and cold. The snow covers up my unkempt lawn.

I was running again this morning. It’s crazy. But a good kind of crazy. Not the stalker kind of crazy. Anywhoo, while I was running, I was having a hard time of it. The weather is cold (without snow, so that is crappy to me) and there was this wind that was hard to run through. I was glad I didn’t have any asthma issues, because I probably would have needed an inhaler. So I’m running, and it’s windy and I am having a hard time. I also haven’t been out running in about a week. Ok, it had been ten days since the last run.  This was my first run in a while and that also makes it difficult. Because my body was remembering what it was like to be asleep at this time. To be warm and not freezing in the name of exercise. There were a lot of protests in my head to just “forget” to wake up this morning.

You know why I did it? Why I got up even though my body just wanted to stay in bed? There are a few reasons.

1. Probably the most true reason, is that I have accountability. I have a friend that I meet with to run three times a week. As we get closer to the new year that’s going to be four times a week. This leads me to number two.

2. I have a goal. At the beginning of August, my friend (that I run with) said she wanted to do the Indy mini. I had had our third child and was ready to get back out there running. So we set a goal to run the Indy mini. You could join us. Just click on the highlighted link and register. The race is one of the more popular ones of it’s kind. That means it can fill up and you can miss out on the awesome opportunity to be a part of the Indy mini.

3. I like to eat. A lot. Especially cake. I like to eat cheese and bread. I like all those cream sauces on pasta. So that means I like calories. Thus the need to run.

4. When I am running, that usually means I am writing on the blog. And I really enjoy doing that.

While I was running, it became really difficult to keep going. I was tired, my legs felt like blocks of ice and my breathing was getting more labored and shallow. So I started breaking down the goal of the entire run’s distance into smaller increments. Like just make it to the next mail box. Ok, you did it, now go on to the next one. Ok, let’s cross this street. And it went on like that until my running partner and I got to our speed work. I do that with most of my goals. You can too. Yes we can dream big and pursue great things, but it starts with small stuff. A little bit of work each day adds up to a whole lot after awhile.

There is one of my goals. To run a few times a week. It doesn’t happen without my friend to meet. So if you have a goal, you should tell someone. Accountability is a great way to make sure you get something done. But you have to tell someone who is going to make you do your goal.

What are your goals? You can share them here. I promise to remind you of them.  And you can do the same for me. 🙂

Goals for 2013

Run the Indy mini, eat gluten free for one month, participate in Script frenzy.



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