Christmas Lights Revisited

Random tidbit: Turtle candy treats, sundaes, brownies are my favorite. Ever. There is just something about that sweet, salty goodness that speaks to me. Good thing I don’t know how to make them!

I ran again this morning. And as I ran, I was running past the houses with the Christmas lights. Some houses had their lights on, others had theirs off.  In fact a lot of the houses were dark. Now maybe they had light timers that only allowed the lights to be on for a certain amount of time. I am probably going to wish we had done that once the electricity bill comes at the end of the month. I’m going to speak to those timer people. But first, I want to address the dark ‘houses’.

I think it’s easy to assume that a ‘dark’ house (remember houses represent people) is someone who doesn’t know Jesus. This is a false assumption. Yes, a lot of people live their lives oblivious to the darkness that is life without Jesus. This can be easy to live in a place that doesn’t need to Jesus. Life goes smoothly, or if it hasn’t their a variety of temptations waiting to help you thru the darkness. These temptations never help you see the light, but they will stay with you in the darkness so long, you tend to forget what a lighted life would look like.

Other people have a timer on their life. Their light only shines at certain times. Maybe they have it set between nine am and twelve noon on Sundays and maybe on Wednesday evenings from six to eight pm. This group of people know about the light and sometimes even share their lights with those around them, but usually the light is only on when others are most likely to see it. I lived part of my life this way. It got really confusing to know when my light should be on and when it should be on. And sometimes the people I was trying to hide my light from called me out on the fact I was trying to be something I wasn’t.

Still others have a light and life has come in and tried to blow that candle out. Circumstances may have built up walls that make it difficult for others to see your light. But those of us that can recognize the light, and others who may not know what the light is, can still see a faint glow as you are going forward. Because that’s how big our God is. He always finds a way to shine thru if we lean into him. Maybe we have times that are dark, so He, Jesus, can shine brightly.

There is a song by Kathy Troccoli. It’s titled Go Light Your World. It’s one of my favorite songs. It kind of speaks to what was written here today. Know that you are not alone, God sees you, keep seeking Him for direction when you can’t see the way yourself. He is faithful to stay with you and show you the way.



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