Random tidbit: If you need a little reminder of the Caribbean, just toast some coconut, close your eyes and eat it. It’ll take you right to the shore of a tropical island. 🙂

It’s that time of year where we shop til we drop, make so many cookies we resolve never to buy sugar again and swear to never wear another stitch of red or green clothing. It’s Christmas time in America. The season we drag our children to the mall to wait in long lines for a photo that would cost half the price in July. The time of year we run to the store three times a day in search of that perfect gift.

It’s a time of giving, of generosity towards others unless they cut you off in traffic or at the post office. The time of year we get the annual brag report and stress that ours isn’t done yet. There are different Christmas (sorry, holiday) programs each day of the week and you have bought stock in Duracell to make sure you have enough battery power for the camcorder.

The time of year your kids and you are counting down to Christmas break, the kids with glee and maybe you with some dread.

What if we just stopped. Stopped the hype, stopped the crazy, stopped the “must make the season perfect” attitude and took some time to rest instead. What if we took some time to rest in what we are celebrating? This season of Christmas is so exciting and there are numerous ways to celebrate and share the joy of Christ coming. That also makes it really easy to get lost in the thrill of everything.

When I get distracted and lose focus of Jesus during Christmas time, I get tired and cranky. I can be so worried about capturing the memories we are creating that I don’t enjoy the time making the memories. I don’t want to do that this year. I don’t want anyone to do that this year. Let’s just slow down, take it easy and reflect on Jesus and  the incredible gift He is to us.

If you think you might be to busy this season, Mary Demuth has a quiz you can take to determine if you need to take some time to rest. I suggest you go check it out. Here is the link.


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