Unexpectedly delightful

Random tidbit: As much as I love my running partner, I have really enjoyed sleeping in this week.

Maybe you have had a day where nothing goes right. Everything just seems to fall apart and you throw your hands up in the air and just thank the Lord you made it to the end of the day without someone ending up in the hospital. Or maybe you have had a month like that. Our family has had a week of set backs. Every. Single. Day, Something has gone wrong. First it was an appliance shorting out, than it was a call from the school. Next we had unexpected car repairs. It’s Thursday and this morning dawned with the smell of vomit and sweaty hair. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I do know it’s my ten year wedding anniversary.

Now it would be really easy to get bogged down in the crazy that has been this week. I will admit to having a few fits this week that came out of an attitude that this is “just not fair.” Seriously, I gave my six year old a run for his money on the tantrum stage. But there were some glimmers of hope and some stars of provision that shone through the doom and gloom that this week has thus far been. As I told my friend on the phone last night, Yes, this week has had a series of unfortunate events, but I am NOT ALLOWING SATAN TO STEAL MY JOY!

In an effort to keep focused on Joy and God’s provision for our family I am listing the blessings that this week has offered.

Monday- A dear family friend offered to come fix our broken appliance. The older kids and I went and sang Christmas carols at a nursing home in town. Seeing the joy on the residents faces was priceless.

Tuesday- Friends and I went to bless a dear sister friend who just needed a pick me up.

Wednesday- I had an unexpected triumphant parenting moment with my husband. And a timely phone call to a good friend who prayed I wouldn’t lose sight of the joy Christ offers.

Thursday- The fridge repair is costing us nothing, and my dear mother-in-law offered to stay with my sick boy and active toddler so I can enjoy and love on the middle child who so easily can be glossed over.

Friday- I will be married for ten years to my husband. The man who is perfectly created to be mine. He is my beloved and I am his.

There are many more blessings, but this is the main list I keep my focus on. It’s so easy to get bogged down by the day to day. It happens to me all the time. But this helps me to refocus. Look outside and around you to see what blessings God is offering you amidst the crazy that can be life. I think you will find that life can be unexpectedly delightful instead of the usual dull.

One thought on “Unexpectedly delightful

  1. Annette Bannister says:

    I meant to post on this earlier, but it was one of those things that fell through the cracks. I had a whole year like that (2008 was one of the worst of my life), and near the end of it, I deliberately made a photo collage of all of the cute moments that Joy and Strat had that year. It helped me focus on some of the really wonderful things that I did have right in front of me–two beautiful kids and a great husband. I applaud your practice that week, and I appreciate the reminder to do this sort of thing again when times get tough! I hope Christmas was great for you all. 🙂

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