I am the least of these

Tidbit: If you want to be forced out of your bed before the sun rises, work out with an athlete. They have amazing self-discipline.

This morning on the way to work I heard a song by Casting Crowns. They are music group that I enjoy. Here is a link to their web site. The song was a rendition of “Jesus, Friend of Sinners”. One of the lines that caught my attention was “Remind me that I am one of the least of these.” The over all theme of the song was that we are all sinners. That we all start from the same place of being broken people who need the love and saving grace of Jesus. When I understand this, I am better able to reach out to others with a loving and gracious spirit.

The other line in the song that stood out to me was, “To often we pick up the Sword of the Spirit when it’s a weapon that we were never meant to use.” That line struck me deep. How often have I turned to the Bible and used it to cut someone? How often have I turned to the Word of Life and instead used it as a weapon of destruction? Yes, the Bible is sharp enough to separate the flesh from the spirit, but it is not meant to wound. The Bible is their for our edification, to show us how much LOVE GOD has for us. It offers correction and enlightenment to each of us. But I am certain that God has never been pleased when I have used His word to just be right. When I use God’s Word as a weapon against another human being, I just push that person farther from God instead of drawing them closer to Him.

So often the Word of God has been a source of love and encouragement for me. I have shared and continue to share it with others in loving ways. But sometimes I have used God’s word to further an agenda that is my own. I confess that I have used God’s word as a justification for ostracizing certain people or groups. I have used it as a weapon of destruction in my own home. It is not right that I have done these things and I am here confessing them.

These two lines in this song go hand in hand. I can stop wielding the Sword of the Spirit at others when I understand that I am among the least of these. That you and I are all starting at the same place with Jesus. We are all just people that need to be loved by a gracious and merciful God.



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