The great things about kids

Tidbit: Hot air blowing out of a vent into your face is bad for interval running.

Yesterday I listed some of the less appealing qualities about kids. Today, I thought I would not dwell on the unpleasant, but focus instead on the positive aspect of kids. Kids aren’t a burden, they are a blessing, right? So here goes, ten things I love about my kids.

1. Their imagination. What other people group can take a card board tube, some markers and a bathrobe and have an hour of fun?

2. The way they laugh together. My kids are so silly. And when I take a minute to get past my self and agenda, it’s a beautiful thing to sit and listen to.

3. Kids have a complete lack of pretense. They see something and call it like it is.

4. They are persistent. If there is an offer of dessert on the table, my kids will do all that they can to make sure they get it.

5. I love how you get glimpses of who they could be along the way.

6. I love they way preschoolers and early elementary kids sound when they talk.

7. I love their enthusiasm over even the small things.

8. I love how loyal they are. They will defend their parents, friends or latest interest til they are blue in the face.

9. I love when they start telling jokes and then begin making up their own.

10. I love how sweet and innocent and cuddable they are when they are sleeping.

That’s some of the things I love about kids. Now it’s off to take care of them for the day. I better print this off so I can stay focused on these things and not get bogged down by the details.

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