Walking Away

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Concede. Make concession. To yield. To bow out. Walk away.

I am a competitive person. A fighter. I like to be right. I like to let people know my opinion. Most of the time it’s in a kind and generous way.  But not always. I have a desire to control things. BIG TIME. The words above are not easy for me. I have learned to be gracious in defeat. But those words are still hard for me. This is never more apparent than when I am helping my children with a project or homework. Especially our younger son. Our younger son is very opinionated and like to control things to. I have no idea where he could get that from. So homework, specifically projects, can be challenging.

Last night my younger son was finishing up a school project. I know his teacher and I know she likes things to be neat. Neatness is not something the little guy excels at. He likes to be done as fast as possible. This project involved making a poster to go along with his “How to ….” speech. I should have remembered that just the night before I had needed to walk away from the outline he had made for this project. But I was determined to get all the homework done before Dad arrived home. So we could just enjoy the evening. We started on the poster. Immediately we ran into a road block. I was trying to encourage (ok, convince) our younger son that he needed to make his letters bigger. And if he would just write in the space I had so kindly marked out for him, the poster would be neater and easier to read. I was also making dinner and trying to help our older son with his reading assignment. So maybe I wasn’t as patient as I could have been. Number two son wrote out the first line. Then went on to the second line. He got to the third line and things got a little messy. So we turned the paper over and started to write it out again. Things got messy again and we had to get a new piece of paper. We were both frustrated at this point and that’s when I heard a gentle prompting in my spirit.

“Your relationship with your son is more important than this project. You have an amazingly patient and teacher-like husband. He should be the one helping your son with this project. ”

“But I can do this, if he would just do things my way it would be neater.” I replied back to the still small voice.

“It may be, but at what cost?” I heard again.

That’s when I said it was time to take a break and Daddy would be home soon to help with the project. I gave my son a big hug and he gleefully bolted upstairs. I finished making dinner in peace, daddy came home, and I let him know that he needed to help with this school project they had started the night before. I then also began telling my husband how he should help our son. My husband looked at me and kindly said I should go upstairs with the other kids and he could handle it. I conceded and made my way upstairs. Project finished, everyone happy.

Is it easy for you to concede? Why or why not?




One thought on “Walking Away

  1. Annette Bannister says:

    Great post, Katie. Thanks for sharing. This was an encouragement to me this morning.

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