Who am I?

Random tidbit: I am a BIG FAN of the yogurt pay by the ounce places.

Working out this morning, I forgot the ear buds for my ipod. Boo hoo, first world pains and all that. But my music is motivation. However, I was in a gym and they had some pretty decent music to run to. I said to my friend, “I can run to Prince.” She replied, “Is that who you’re going to be today?”
That led me thinking about roles. Specifically the roles I play.

There’s the daughter me who loves to hang out with my parents. The sister me who loves her siblings but doesn’t keep up with them as she should. There’s the wife me who loves her husband and wants to be his biggest cheerleader and promoter. Wife me is also adored by her husband and looks forward to many more conversations over the years to come. I have mom me which loves on her kids and serves them. Sometimes to the point of exhaustion. Then I tend to become mean me and have to isolate myself to regroup.

I have friend me and Bible study me. Retail employee me and grocery store me.

That’s a lot of different me(s). I hope that underlining all of those types of me is Christian me. Someone who extends grace and looks at people with love. That’s the biggest me I want to have. Christ in me.

I think that’s how I can become better at all the other me(s). I am a better wife, mom and sister when I can be patient and kind with my family. I can be a better retail employee and grocery store me when I can view others with acceptance instead of judgement by outward appearances. When I can put aside my prejudices and love people where they are, that helps me be a better friend. I am a better Bible study me when I put aside myself and desire to be the expert in favor of being sensitive to what God wants to say. I am even a better gym rat when I get up to run because I see it as taking care of the temple God has given me.

So yes, I wear a lot of different hats. I think we all do. We all have roles that require different parts of ourselves. But let us all have Christ underlining everything else.




6 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Cindy says:

    really great read, Katie. Thanks for your humor and honesty. Its so fun to read your blogs.

  2. Kimberley Solomon says:

    Very nice words i have thought similar just never put in such an organized and thought provoking way being Christ center is un believably rarer than you think..we all think we are striving for this but many really aren’t.thanks for posting your blog for us to enjoy 😉 blessings to you

  3. Michelle M. says:

    Beautifully said, Katie!

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