Decisions, decisions

Random Tidbit: Roundabouts remind me of Europe. Especially when I drive around them in a compact car. Yippeeee

My Christian walk is full of choices. It has been from the beginning. The very act of entering into a relationship with Jesus is a choice to follow Him. Then, there is a series of choices on lifestyle, obedience, loving others, extending grace. All kinds of choices.

Some choices are obvious, like choosing to go down a certain path when all the other options seem to dry up. These choices don’t cause me to lose much sleep. I like the clear decisions.

Other choices aren’t so easy. There is a lot of gray in the choices. Making it difficult to decide. I don’t care for those choices as often, but they tend to come up more often than the clear black and white ones. These are the choices that require discernment, and prayer. Wise counsel and searching God’s word are the tools that help us decide in these cases.

I remember when we were making the choice to either stay in one town or move to another. My husband and I pulled out the calculators and spreadsheets. He crunched the numbers, I began praying and pleading with God not to uproot us again. We had already moved four times in five years. We were making friends and building relationships. I was hoping that their would be some obvious way we would know what the right decision would be. Do we stay or do we go?

After the pencil shaving smell had faded away and we were massaging our fingers after all that number crunching, I was dismayed to find out the numbers lined up perfectly. There was no monetary reason to leave. We were happy at the church we were a part of. We were close to a great school. There didn’t seem to be any reason to leave. In fact, I thought we should stay and start looking for a house to buy.

A choice had to be made. And so we went back to praying and discerning. We looked at every possible reason to stay where we were or go on to the next destination in our journey. I was the one hesitating for all the reasons above. I didn’t want to start over, again. I didn’t want to explain our child’s allergies to a new set of care givers. I didn’t want to have to make friends again. I had a lot of things I didn’t want to do AGAIN.

But as the days went by, I knew in my heart that it was time to move on. And all those things I didn’t want to do AGAIN, my gracious God walked me through. He made the yoke so very easy on this new journey.

Here we are now. Making a home for our kids in a place I never expected to be.

I will end with this quote from our pastor. It says, “God may not always give you what you ask for. But He will always give us His best.”



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