It is time

Random tidbit: I started and stopped this blog post four times. Correction, five times.

Have you seen the Lion King? There’s a king and he has a son. Thru difficult circumstances the young prince runs away from his kingdom. But then a wise adviser in the guise of monkey finds the young prince and encourages the prince to return to his homeland. Rafiki (the monkey) says, “It is time”. It’s one of my most favorite parts of the movie.

Last Saturday, as in five days ago, I attended an event our church holds about once a quarter. It’s called Kingdom Encounters: A celebration among women of the Living God in song, Scripture and Stories. It’s a tremendous morning full of the goodness of God. I have been to a few of them and always leave feeling confident in the power of God. This past Saturday was no different. I left that morning filled with God’s goodness. But there was also something else stirring in my heart.

As I have sat and listened to each woman share that morning, one of the ladies said this, “God gives us a story to share.” Then, I heard that sweet small voice of our great and grand God say in my heart, “So share it, sweetheart.” I had to write it down. So I did.

It’s not that I have never given my testimony. Or shared my story with other people. But there has always been something that holds me back. I know what it is. It’s a desire to appear ‘put together’. To not let others see the real ugly parts of me. Part of it was a fear that others would judge me for my sins. Part of it was a life long habit of keeping secrets. All of the holding back caused damage in family and friendships.

It’s only been in the last few years that I have truly been able to share with others. Some people know the whole story. Others have gleaned bits and pieces. Each time I have shared a part of this story that I am living, God has blessed me, the teller, and the listener. The fears I had of being judged and condemned were wiped out more and more.

With each telling of my tale I am growing a little bolder. More confident that how God has protected the fragile little person inside of me is the same way He will continue to protect me. That the events of my life DO have purpose and that sharing my trials with others so they may find encouragement is a big part of God’s work in my life.

So it’s time for me to be a little more public with my story telling. Different venues will provide opportunities to encourage others. The same is true for you. God is writing your story as well. He wants us to share it when He prompts us to. This is how we overcome. By the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony.




3 thoughts on “It is time

  1. Annette Bannister says:

    Amen and Amen! I love your last line. Thanks for sharing about sharing, Katie! You’re so right. 🙂

  2. Kimberley Solomon says:

    Katie I wished I would of met you im person. I feel like I know you from your blogs and facebook lol… I love what you write dont stop very inspiring. Thanks….. I felt the same way when I left Kingdom encounters. We all have stories but some are better at sharing than others..

  3. […] week I talked about being real. Being honest. I wrote about sharing my story. Then I wrote a few posts about other things. Like […]

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