All you need is love

Random tidbit: Cadbury Fruit and Nut bars are one of my favorite types of chocolate.

It’s that day of the year. The one they have been advertising since early December. You know the one. The one with the pink and the red. Lace and silk wrapped boxes holding tiny sugary delights. The flower industries biggest day. Yes, ladies and gents it’s Valentine’s day.

A day that sends girls to the bathroom to primp just a little more to catch the eye of their want to be special someone. The day boys use a little more hair gel to keep their cow licks in check. This day of ribbons, lace and love. The stuff of sappy love songs the world over. The most popular of days to propose. Blah.

I have always been a little to practical for Valentine’s Day. I like candy and chocolates as much as the next girl. I like shiny sparkly things that come in small boxes. I like presents wrapped in silk bows. But Valentine’s Day has never really cut it for me. Maybe I am just worn out after celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday and Groundhog’s Day. It has more to do with the fact that I am not overly sentimental. I am not a typical romantic. I enjoy a good chick flick as much as the next girl. And I could eat my weight in chocolate. I also am kind of practical. I prefer to receive gifts like cookware and gift cards along with gifts that mean something. I don’t want a gift that is just because, I’ld rather have a note of encouragement. I like things that last, so flowers aren’t really my thing either. Unless they are planted by someone else and their is little I can do to kill them.

I see love acted out every day in my home. When my husband reads to our kids at night or he does the dishes. I see love when my boys are playing upstairs together and their able to resolve their conflicts peaceably. I see love every time my sweet little miss toddles up to my leg and gives it a kiss. I see love when my parents tell me I’m doing a great job raising my kids. I see love when strangers are kind to one another. These are the types of love that matter to me. I see these things happen every single day in some shape or form.

So I don’t need one day to remind me of what love is. I get to see love every single day. And it’s lovely.




One thought on “All you need is love

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