His Love is All Around

Tip of the Day: To smuggle toys out of the house put them in a box with lots of packaging. They don’t see the toys and they don’t get upset. Until your youngest daughter starts pawing thru the packaging and discovers the toys. Then everyone sees and is upset. Silly baby.

I went to church today. It wasn’t in a traditional church building. There was no stained glass or pillow topped pews. It was bright yellow and purple on the walls and there was loud music playing. We didn’t sing any songs or pray any prayers but we did share with one another and in that sharing Jesus came.

I went to church yesterday. There was no three point sermon and there was no bulletin. But we laughed and joked and celebrated one another. We shared our joy with one another and in that sharing Jesus came.

I went to church the day before that. There were no ushers or greeters. We didn’t put money in an offering plate. But we did talk and shop and share words of encouragement with one another and in that sharing Jesus came.

All week long I have been going to church. I go to church most days. That verse Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gather in my name, there am I with them.” This has been true this week. As I have met with different friends over the last week, there have been sweet moments that Jesus has made me aware of his presence. Always there encouraging me to step out when it’s time to step out and reminding me to pause when it’s necessary.

He is constant, He is present and He is with me. He is with You.




One thought on “His Love is All Around

  1. Angi says:

    Thanks so much for your blessing us with your thoughts. So well said.

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