To get there

Random tidbit: I like oatmeal. Especially with milk and brown sugar.

Last week I talked about being real. Being honest. I wrote about sharing my story. Then I wrote a few posts about other things. Like church, distraction and God’s presence. Last night I had a conversation with some dear friends. These ladies spoke truth into my heart. We were open and honest with one another and it was beautiful.

But that open sharing, on my part, took time to get to. I have not always been willing to share. I kept secrets and hid behind a masked bravado. I thought, if I could just be loud enough and funny enough no one would see the ugly parts of me. I fully believed that if I could keep things together in public, I could hide what was happening inside myself and my house. But over the last few years God has taught me that I can not hide my secrets. That what is done will be seen. He has revealed to me the beauty of confession and the joy of accountability.

That is how we grow with one another. That is why it’s important to be in church. And not just on Sunday morning, but also throughout the week. Church happens whenever we open ourselves up to relationship with God and one another. It’s not just about following a bulletin on the Sabbath. It’s so important to have people in our lives that we can be real with. I know it’s scary and we can get hurt. I know it’s uncomfortable and awkward to share what you have kept hidden. I know it will take time and effort to build the type of relationship that I am talking about. But it’s worth it. You are worth it.




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