The Blessing Review

Random tidbit: Five minutes can make a big difference in your morning commute.

I’m reading this book. It’s called The Blessing: Giving the Gift of Unconditional Love and Acceptance. This book is written by Drs. John Trent, PhD and Gary Smalley. You can buy it on Amazon or at your local Christian book store.  It’s a wonderful book on the importance of passing on a biblical blessing to the children in our lives, whether that means as a teacher, parent, coach, director, whatever realm of influence you have over a child you should be intentional about passing on a blessing to them? A what to our children? You may ask.

This idea of a blessing comes from the Bible. In the Old Testament, the father would pass on a blessing to his children. This included land, stock, money and other physical elements of whatever property the family had. However, this blessing wasn’t just about things, it was about human worth. It was a time the father would sit down and speak words of truth and love over a child about their future. This was a time the father would physically lay hands on an adult child and pass on the words of wisdom that would take this child into the future with hope and purpose. The first half of this book takes these five elements (meaningful touch, a spoken word, attaching high value, picturing a special future and an active commitment) and explains why they are so important for a child to have these things.

The second half of the book goes into detail about what happens when a child doesn’t receive these things. Or only part of these things. It also explains the concepts of passing on curses instead of blessings and how that can be very destructive.  If you didn’t receive this blessing from your family of origin, there is hope in how you can still find healing from that and be restored into a person with hope and purpose so you CAN pass on a blessing to your children.

The reason I like this book is that it’s very practical. I feel it gets the message across with out being judgmental and I love application exercises. It’s also not something else to do. It’s something that is worked into your every day interactions with people. It’s more about a mindset change than a to do list. I encourage you to check it out.



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