Some food for thought

Random tidbit- I don’t like the feeling of cold soapy dishwater. It’s just wrong.

This past two weeks I have had some things stirred up in my spirit. Things I had thought were worked out. These ‘things’ are fresh and new. I have been spending a lot of time sifting through them. I wanted to write about it but I’m just not at that place yet. maybe if I had planned a head better I would have some back up posts, but I didn’t. And how do you plan ahead for situations that hit you up side the head out of the blue?

Anyways, here are a few links that I have been ruminating over when the stuff is to much to think about. Enjoy and discuss!

1. In this blog post Ms. Bessey adds the male counterpoint to the phrase “eshet chayil” or ‘woman of valor’. It’s beautiful and deep and made me thankful for those men of valor in my life.

2. I came across this link on Twitter. I liked it so much I started following @TheAmericnJesus on Twitter. This is a look at how we have militarized Jesus. Propping him up for our own political games and not seeing all of who Jesus is but only the parts that are powerful. It made me scratch my head and reevaluate my perceptions and desires of Jesus.

3. This link came to me thru a friend on Facebook. It was like reading a diary entry from myself. Another stop and think moment. How much of what I want my kids to do is about control? How much is about genuine correction and benefit for their lives?

4. Because the other three links were so serious and thought provoking, I wanted to add a little fun to the day. The most forefront man in this video was my Old Testament professor in college. He is a wonderful man and still looks like he did thirteen years ago.




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