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As a stay at home mom I have always looked forward to the day when my kids would be old enough to “help” around the house. Having a deep rooted apathy to cleaning and not having any high standards of tidiness, I counted down the days until my kids could be brought into the business of keeping our home picked up. That day has been here for four years now. It’s great. Here are the reasons I think kids should do chores

1. You know all those things around the house that are never ending? Like laundry, dishes and picking up? Kids can do these things. At around age 4, our oldest started putting his clothes away. He was able to help sort clothes. I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

2. These are life skills your kids are learning. Some day your kids will leave the nest. I’m sorry, it’s true. Maybe. That’s our goal right? To raise kids into adults that can function in the world? Don’t you think a job interview would go better for them if a child knows how to do laundry? I know I appreciate it when my husband does the dishes, so will my kids future spouses appreciate when they know how to do dishes.

3. It builds character. No one ever develops character by being lazy. Look in the book of Proverbs.

4. There is some controversy on whether you should pay your kids to do chores or not. We do because we want to teach the kids about money. Earning it, saving it, giving it and spending it. We pay them in ten cent increments. That way it’s a little easier for them to break down the math. These money lessons gave them a heads up when their class at school began talking about money.

5. It’s teaching the kids about being on a team. We all do our part to help around the house. We all benefit from the extra time we have as a family because mommy or daddy isn’t always running around to the next chore.

Here’s a link  from Focus on the Family to chores broken down by age and also chore charts. I hope this helps you and yours!



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