Meet Naiderson

Random Tidbit: I run faster outside. Maybe I’m channeling my inner cheetah. Maybe I’m running from that scary looking pink leopard. Whatever reason it is, I run faster outside.

When I first started blogging, I joined Twitter as a way to get my blog “out there”. After joining twitter, I immediately began following a few other people so I could be a part of their lives. And now we are all fast friends and know everything about each other. Just kidding! What I have found out is there is some pretty amazing things happening in the world and you can get a large response to social issues via social media. I know, I know; it’s hard to believe. Great good can be done via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Intstagram and all the other sites that promote ‘community’.

One of the charities that I have picked up on is Help One Now. It’s based in Haiti and every year they send a team of bloggers down to document and capture the heart and soul of Haiti. This charity works with a collective of businesses and churches from the inside out to break the cycle of extreme poverty. They are providing clean water, school buildings, medicine and education opportunities for boys and girls. One of those little boys is Naiderson. You can click on his name and hear a short snippet on this little guy. While reading about Naiderson, you will also see a picture of Pastor Gaetan. A man inviting orphans into his home and also educating a group of kids so that they can learn and grow in knowledge. Pastor Gaetan is a man dedicated to James 1:27.

This is our work, Church. To help widows and orphans.  To help break the bondage that is poverty.  It’s thru out the Old and New Testaments. We are to reach out and help those who need help. Don’t be like the Pharisee and Sadducee that walked on by the crippled man on the side of the road. Be like the Good Samaritan who took some risk upon himself to help a man who could give him nothing back.




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