Why it’s ok for me to like Tina Fey

Random Tidbit: Some people have a joint that acts up when it’s cold out, I have hands that turn into lizard paws when the temperature drops below fifty degrees.

Once upon a time when I was in college, I was part of the Young Republicans. I even helped organize an event where Dinesh D’souza came and spoke. That was before Mr. D’souza had any kind of scandal attached to his name.  Christianity Today did a nice article on the scandal. Well, as nice as an article about scandal can be. Moving on. Anyways, I was a staunch Conservative. I didn’t even bother looking at the whole ballot come election time. I just voted a straight conservative ticket. I loved movies and television, but also knew that most actors were just liberal nut jobs who were bent on indoctrinating the rest of America in their immoral, leftists ways. So it was ok to watch entertainment but always with a wary and guarded heart.

As I graduated from college and got married, I didn’t really see any reason to change my view points. However, I did start seeing things in shades of gray instead of pure black and white. As I have learned about the world, I see that not everyone or everything fits into a box. It is just as unfair for me to dismiss someone, actor or street person, because of their living situation or people they hang out with as it is for someone to write me off because I vote Republican and go to church. I find I even agree with some people that I would previously have never thought I had anything in common with. I find that I can be serious and still laugh at myself.

What does this have to do with Tina Fey? It has to do with this. I first saw Tina Fey probably on SNL. I watched whatever it was and thought, “Wow, she’s pretty funny for a liberal.” True thought. I heard she had a television show but I wasn’t going to watch that because it would probably just poke fun at the far right and be offensive to me. Well, two years later after several recommendations and a lot of gray situations my husband and I were perusing Netflix for something to watch. And I came across 30 Rock. A hilarious show about a show. Yes, it does poke fun at conservatives and the religious right. But it also pokes fun at a bunch of different groups of people who take themselves way to seriously and need to lighten up. I liked 30 Rock so much I even borrowed Tina Fey’s book Bossypants from my local library.  And you know what I found out about reading it? I have some things in common with Tina Fey. We both have dark hair and glasses, we have opinions and share them, and we both have a back ground attending church.  I think Tina Fey is spunky and funny. I think she represents a smart and talented woman that I would like to use as an example for my daughter. An example of a woman who worked hard and is bringing people together thru laughter.

So that’s why I like Tina Fey.



2 thoughts on “Why it’s ok for me to like Tina Fey

  1. Jean-Ann says:

    Great post! And a nice reminder that Left or not….Christ died for us all.

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