End of the Semester Blues

Running Tip: If your foot starts to hurt while running, stop running.

It’s the end of the semester for my Bible Study group. I think I have mentioned a few times how much I love my Thursday morning Bible study. It’s such a rich and warm place for women to come and learn at. There are so many things I love about it I thought I would make a list. Because lists are cool. They even make aps for you to make a list on. So that means lists are really, really cool. 🙂

Reasons I Love Thursday Morning Bible Study”

1. It’s called The NET. A few years ago when the leadership team dreamed up our Thursday mornings, they came up with the name The NET. It’s an acronym which stands for Nurtured in Community, Engaged in God’s Word and Transformed by the Holy Spirit. I think each of those components is true for myself and others. When we are in community and in God’s word, transformation takes place. It might not be big or obvious at first, but if you keep at it, then the Holy Spirit will transform you.

2. This is a safe place. I can share things, process things, ask tough questions.

3. There is a variety of ages of women who attend. From young moms to wise women there are ladies to ask advice of and from whom I can draw different perspectives. We’ve got new believers and long-time church ladies. We’ve got women who are widows, women remarried, women with no kids, women with a lot of kids. We allow women from all different churches to attend.We’re all just women wanting to learn more about God. I feel like Thursday mornings are a small microcosm of heaven. Women from a lot of different backgrounds coming together under the banner of Jesus.

4. The leadership team is creative. They will think outside of the box to allow anyone to come. If you need a scholarship, they will work with you. If you are a homeschoolin’ mama, they will work with you. If you can only attend every other meeting, that’s alright. They just want you to come. These women know and understand how important community is.

5. It’s fun. Our leader is a lady of whimsy. She always has something to brighten up the day.

6. The women are gracious. Always quick to forgive. Always ready to remind me of grace when I am being hard on myself.

7. It’s a place of accountability. If you need someone to come alongside you and help you along, there is someone who can do that for you.

8. It’s Scriptural. Any study we do has a strong basis in Scripture. In Truth.

9. There is usually yummy food.

10. There is childcare. Knowing my little one has a safe and fun place to play gives me peace of mind and freedom to relax and learn on Thursday mornings.

Do you have a safe place? A place of community? A place to be fun and a place to learn?



2 thoughts on “End of the Semester Blues

  1. Angi says:

    Love this post. In particular, I like the comment about a little view of heaven with all the different ladies coming together under the banner of Jesus. Cool way to look at it. Once again, you’ve brightened my day. I like the way you write!

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