Making Assumptions

Random Rant: When you are driving home and can see only see a few feet in front of you because of snow and ice coming down from the sky, it would be nice if other drivers would back off. Not cool big trucks to ride on my tail in blizzard conditions.

Last night I was at work. It was a pretty slow night.

I was called up front to cover the cash registers. I was ringing up a customer, when I saw a young teenage boy walk swiftly to the front of the store and then bolt down the main aisle of the mall. The boy running out of the store didn’t matter, it was the fact that he was holding a piece of clothing in his hands that made me think he had stolen something from our store. The kid had a sideways cap and baggy jeans on. He was of a different ethnic background. He was with a group of guys all dressed in a similar way. I saw him high five his friends right outside of the store. I immediately called my supervisor up and told her what I had seen. It looked like he had a pair of jeans in his hands. So my manager called security, security went over to the young man and went thru his bags. The boy had not stolen a pair of jeans. He had brought a piece of clothing from another store in with him. He had a receipt for that piece of clothing.

Now sometimes, people do steal things from where I work. Part of my job is to be visible around the store to deter people from stealing. If people don’t steal, we don’t have to prosecute anyone. That keeps our costs down and allows the company to charge less for the clothing. So loss prevention is a good thing.

But all this being observant at work and keeping my eyes open for potential thieves has made me jaded. It’s another opportunity for the good-will I feel towards the world to be shrouded in cynicism.  I’m not saying I am going to become a hermit and not interact with the outside world, I just mean I constantly second guess peoples motives. I can’t say I fully believe the best in someone’s intentions.

I want that to change. I don’t want to look at people as potential thieves, I want to look at them as someone to care about. I want to be able to trust someone regardless of their race or background. I want to really see the world as Christ sees it.  I want to be able to show kindness to someone and not have them take advantage. Maybe that’s to much. Maybe these wants are not going to happen this side of heaven. But with God’s grace, I think you and I can make a start.



One thought on “Making Assumptions

  1. hhh4u says:

    I used to work in retail. I know what you mean.

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