Fresh Eyes

Random tidbit: Sometimes I pretend I’m British.

I went to my run this morning. It was one of those mornings that just wasn’t coming together the way I would have liked. I couldn’t find my running clothes, I woke up late. I couldn’t find my gym bag and I forgot my ear buds.

I don’t know if you realize how essential music is to my run. Most of what keeps my brain occupied is the music I listen to. I listen to all kinds of music. From Toby Mac to Queen. The music helps me to stay focused and energized. These are important tools of motivation for a lazy runner like myself. I didn’t realize I had forgotten my ear buds until I was at my gym. I checked into buying a new set, but it would have cost me six bucks and I just couldn’t spend that money knowing I had three or maybe even four pairs at home. They do have music at the gym but it’s not my music. I know, whah.

Then I remembered something a few friends of mine do. They pray while they walk on a tread mill. I thought, well I gotta do something to pass the time. I might as well pray. Because my attitude could sure use an adjustment. So why not try praying for others? ‘Cause that can help a bad attitude. When I get focused on others instead of myself, it can lift up my negativity. Really, it works. So I started praying for other people. Then I started praying for some things our family is thinking about. Then I thought, I have been praying, maybe I should also use this time to read my Bible devotion for today. So I did. Thanks YouVersion!

As I was reading the Bible devotion, it was over Genesis four thru seven and then Psalm 2. As I was reading Genesis it was all about Noah and how he built the arc because God told him about the flood He was sending to wipe out everyone else was wicked I saw something I had never heard or seen in Sunday school. God told Noah to bring seven pairs of clean animals and only one pair of the unclean animals. A realization cropped up out of the thought. “I bet God was already preparing for the Law way back in the time of the flood.” With the Jewish Law, the Jews were going to have to sacrifice animals. And they could only eat clean animals. There were no Jews at the time of the flood. But God knew that He was going to make a way for people to be restored back to Him. He made that promise in Genesis 3. God always has a plan. Always.

There is never a moment of your life or of mine that God does not have control of. He sees all, He knows all. It’s really frustrating sometimes to be in a part of your life that doesn’t make sense. It is scary to be in unknown territory. Let’s rest in the fact that God does have a plan. Just liked God ordered Noah to bring more clean than unclean animals to prepare the way for the Jewish sacrifices, so He provides for us. He cares enough about us to prepare the way before we even realize it.



2 thoughts on “Fresh Eyes

  1. Lovely, and sometimes it is difficult to trust God’s plan, but it is better than I anything I can come up with! Thanks

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