A Backstory

Random tidbit: As I sit and type, I can hear birds chirping outside. I kind of feel like Mary Poppins. Or Snow White, or any other female character from a Disney movie.

We traveled over the Easter weekend. My family and I went up to the great state of Michigan. Which has one of their universities in the final four play offs. Not that I’m a basketball fan, I’m just saying. Go Blue!

Moving on, so we traveled up to Michigan. The land of the Great lakes, woods and an Upper Peninsula. A place known for it’s militia and deer hunting. Check out the Yuppers video on deer camp. My brothers and dad are hunters. My mom even goes out with my dad now. They sit up in a deer blind and pick off Bambi’s mom. Venison makes for great meat loaf.

The smell of sunscreen and dead fish takes me back to the many days of summer spent on the beach of Lake Huron. The clicking of rocks reminds me of cautiously making my way to the sand bar located just past the swimming line. Hoping all the way I wouldn’t stab my foot on a pointy rock or get run over by a crazy person on a jet ski.

I can point to my home town on my hand.

This land of woods and streams. This place of beaches and blacktop. Home of the Lions, the tigers and the Wings.

I attended boating safety classes in fifth and eight grade. It was required material.

My first job was as a Little Ceaser’s pizza girl. I know the difference between Canadian and American change.

I have fond memories of rinsing out my pop cans so I can turn them in for the deposit.

I know the difference between gin and rummy. I know how to play Euchre instead of spades.

This is part of who I am.




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