Lazy Bones

Random tidbit: I don’t often get to sleep in, but when I do, I can sleep til nine AM.

With three kids and a husband life can be hectic. When you throw in time commitments and personal goals, that doesn’t leaves lot of time in the day. So I get up early. It’s my favorite time of day when the sky is dark and the house is quiet. I have found it sets a nice tone to the rest of the days activities. I am more focused, i get things accomplished.

Every once in awhile, I will be able to hit snooze.

I climb back into the still warm sheets and pull than back over my goose pimpled flesh. I tuck my head into my foam pillow and its back to dream land.
This sets a different tone to my day. It’s a slower day, a relaxed day. A day I have time to think and ponder. These days are nice.

They remind me to rest. They remind me of enjoyment. Their is no guilt in extra snuggle time with my pillow. Sleep is a part of life. We need rest to restore. To energize. So take your rest where you can.


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