Tip of the Day: 3 Greek gods honey flavored yogurt is divine. It’s like eating a sweet cloud of honey with each bite. So, so yummy.

There has been some talk this week of a mommy war. I’m pretty sure the rumblings of war are always around us women who tend to compare ourselves to each other. Whenever I get insecure or feel less than adequate at my role as a mom it’s really tempting to look at the person at the grocery store and start tearing them down in my head so I can feel better about myself. I’m not saying I’m proud of that, I’m saying it’s happened in my life.

This idea, this perception that I’m supposed to be in some kind of competition with other women is just old. I did that. I fought in the trenches. I even left a few wounds on my ‘enemies’. And there wasn’t one ounce of satisfaction in my so called victory. Instead, I felt guilt and that queasy feeling you get when something isn’t quite right.

We are all women. We all have a part of ourselves that is really lovely. Maybe you are a good cook, maybe you dress well. Perhaps you are great at reaching out to others or you can plant some flowers and they are still blooming at the end of August. Maybe you are great with numbers, perhaps you can see the big picture and get others excited about your vision. Maybe you’re a mother hen who just loves on people when they need it. Maybe you are a really great mom who is patient and kind. Maybe you are really funny and can brighten a person’s day with your off the wall comments.

We are all women. We all have a part of ourselves that needs work. Maybe you can’t cook, maybe it’s hard for you to look outside of yourself. Maybe you have a black thumb instead of a green one. Maybe you feel imbalanced in your life. There is always something to work on in our lives.

We all bring something to the table. Let’s put down the knives and pitchforks of judgement and comparison and start celebrating one another. Let’s help one another when we see someone struggling instead of standing back and saying I told you so. We ain’t got no time to be bickering over who is doing things right and who is doing things wrong. We need to focus on the bigger picture of loving one another.




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