In the details

Random tidbit: I like silence when I write.

Last week I subscribed to a blog a friend of mine follows. It’s by The Actual Pastor. On the about page, Steve Wiens says he is writing about life as it is, instead of life as if. Meaning He writes from the perspective of the now, not the perspective of if only life was this way.

The April ninth post by The Actual Pastor really struck me. It’s about God being in the day to day of our lives. Of Him showing up throughout the myriad of emotions that can happen over a twenty-four hour period. This part really spoke to me:

“Have you laughed until your face hurt lately?

Have you wept bitter tears of disappointment?

Have you gotten angry?

Have you lost track of time, swept up in the joy of the moment?

Have you embarrassed yourself lately?

Have you lost it in frustration, saying or doing something that you later regretted?

Have you solved a problem that brought you great satisfaction?

Can you believe that it is in those moments that God meets us – not to condemn or chastise or strategize or straighten out — but to give you what you need, in that moment.”

I want to believe that. I do believe that my great and powerful God is all up in my business. That He speaks to me thru the Holy Spirit with gentleness and grace. That when I laugh at something my kids say or I enjoy someone’s witty comments that God is relishing that moment too. I embrace the truth that Jesus is weeping with me over the sorrows of my life.

Thank-you Jesus for being in the details.



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