It’s been nice

Random tip: My oldest can run faster than me. He’s eight. And I was trying.

I could tell from the babies earlier start and the big kids late one that today was going to be a sick day. We all had dealt with some degree of cough over our mild winter, so I guess it was just a matter of time before we all succumbed to a fever.

It’s not often that illness hits our house. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe cause I’m a good housekeeper? Doubtful. Maybe we eat healthy, cold repelling food? Not sure the Micky Ds meal we had for dinner tonight qualifies as ‘good for you’.

Whatever the reason, sickness doesn’t often hit our house. So when it does, it comes in hard and fast, like a summer storm. Like I said this morning, the signs were all there. I was even dragging my feet this morning. So when I took the first boys temp, I was relieved to see it was higher than normal. And when the second kid also had higher temp i did a little snoopy dance. . Is that awful? I just didn’t have the energy to cajole everyone out the door, make the lunches, make sure we were in the car line when we needed to be. That perfect balance of not to early and not to late was just beyond my capacity today.
So it was kind of nice that we just got to stay home. Nobody had to check the knees of their jeans for holes or make sure the unmanageable cow lick was tame enough so no one made mention of it on the play ground. I didn’t have to worry about packing a balanced lunch for each of the older ones.
We just stayed home. We watched Sesame Street and x-men evolutions. We took some time to rest and read books. We made popcorn and caramel corn. It was all nice and laid back.

Of course things got a little stir crazy as the white blood cells and fevers burned off the infection. And all that caramel corn brought some spikes and valleys to the blood sugar that had to be navigated with care. Over all, it was nice.


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