Shut my Mouth

Random tidbit: Sometimes I blog to avoid doing the dishes. Really it’s just procrastination because eventually the dishes have to be done.

I am a horrible gift receiver. At my wedding and baby showers I managed to offend some of the guests by saying something snarky pertaining to taste or preference only to open the gift and find what I was making fun of. Seriously, I did that more than once. There was once case in particular where I was at the baby shower for my first son and I made a remark about not really liking cutesy things like teddy bears and hearts. I opened the box and found a blue teddy bear with a heart on it. I felt awful. You think I would have learned. I’m still in the learning process. I’m just not good at hiding my true emotions about gifts.

I’m not good at hiding my emotions about most things. I grew up in the school of “I’m gonna tell it like it is.” And that was my philosophy. I did that. I said statements that were true but incredibly hurtful. But it was all in love so that’s ok, right? I mean, if people can’t handle the truth, that’s not my fault. Errr, wrong.

There is absolutely a place for truth telling and sharing your opinion. I am not saying to ignore a prompting from the Holy Spirit to speak loving truth over someone. I am saying that maybe I (and you) need to think about HOW we say those loving words over someone. Or if the prompting is really the Holy Spirit or if it’s just your personal preference.

Think about your relationship with the person. Do you know the back story about how they are acting, or do you only interact with them once in awhile? Has the person asked for your advice or are you diving into a situation uninvited? (Guilty!) Where are you speaking out of? Are you speaking out of grace and humility? Or are you speaking out of judgement and pride?

These are things I have to ask myself. As I said, I am not a person to hide how I feel about things. If you want an opinion I will gladly give it. But I am learning to slow down before I share. To reflect before I respond.

What about you? Is this something you need to work on? Or if you have a handle on your feelings, what are some tips for those of us that fly in the wind sometimes?




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