A series about Mothering, Part 1

Random tidbit: It’s amazing how many runners are out now that the weather has gotten a little nicer.

Six days ago I wrote this. It was a low point. I posted the link on Facebook. I was hesitant to do that because it’s not in my natural realm of instinct to share those types of feelings. But I did and God reminded me again how sweet His body can be. The Lord also gave me some really slow and gentle days with my little brood, and that lifted up my heart with encouragement to keep working thru this for them. I hope that encourages you. To share with one another. To reach out when it seems easier to keep things tucked inside. Thank-you for your encouragement and love thru this process of healing.

About Mothers

Four days ago was Mother’s Day. That one day out of the year the government, or maybe Hallmark (R) decided that we mothers, who have spent our time loving and nurturing the little and not so little children in our homes, should get a day off. In response to this glorious day, someone asked a question similar to this on Facebook:

What have you learned about mothering since you had your first child?

This is a list of a few of the things I have learned since I had my first child.

1. I should shut the garage door before I get my walking baby out of the car. Otherwise the child will dart off down the driveway with the speed and stealth of a ninja.

2. Despite my adamant stance against my children watching television, I have become so grateful for the distraction of television and video games that I would personally  pay the salary of Nintendo’s CEO. Not really, I could never afford that because I have three kids.

3. My life is rarely quiet. But I’m going a little bit deaf in each of my ears so the noise doesn’t seem as loud.

4. All those sweet and more experienced ladies in church, at the grocery store and Target were right, the years do go by fast. But there are some days that just go on for-ev-er.

5. Eventually, the hurts can’t be fixed with just a band-aid and a kiss on the knee. But I can always be there to listen and give a hug when needed.

6. I am amazingly good at calculating my faults as a parent, but not that great at recounting the victories.

7. My ‘backbone’ has gotten a little weaker with each child. I let a lot more things slide. Like my kids don’t always wear shoes outside anymore and sometimes the baby walks around with a small object in her hand. That ends up in her mouth. And then is spit back out into my hand.

8. Kids need freedom. There are sometimes I have to let go. Do you hear that whump whump whump? That’s the sound of my propeller slowing down and not hovering so closely.

9. When the kids find a dead animal on the playground, that’s when it’s time for our family to leave.

10. Let other people invest in your kids. It’s a gift for your kids to learn and hear about other perspectives. The more we learn about each other, the more we see we are the same. It’s a gift to you to realize that you don’t have to be everything for your child. Raising children is a community experience.

There’s a top ten list for you. You can print it out and put it on your fridge if you want.



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