The Pursuit

Random tidbit: I like rainy days. To me, they represent a book being read.

Over the last two weeks I have been reading a book series. It’s fictional. A friend recommended it. It is called Heartless (Tales of Goldstone Wood)I am really enjoying it. It’s also really inexpensive to buy on an ereader.

In the story the author (Anne Elisabeth Stengle) explores the realm of fantasy and allegory. There is a love and fairy tale happening that is a symbol for God’s love of us. Each story is exploring a different side of God’s pursuit of character. I have found it to be quite moving and would highly recommend the story to a wide range of ages. There are many discussion points and I could even see a book study being done over the series. 

As with all good novels, there is an antagonist. As much as the hero pursues his lady love, so does the villain pursue her. The villain is crafty and sneaky. Often using others to do his bidding so he can remain in the shadows. This all makes for plot twists and developments that left me frustrated and internally yelling at all the protagonist to just open their eyes and see how they were being deceived. 

These stories have been reminding me over and over how relentlessly God pursues me. That His love is unending. His forgiveness is all encompassing and that his grace and mercy are always ready to pour out over me. But none of this is ever forced on me. It’s always a choice. He endlessly calls and I endlessly have the choice to turn and follow his Path, or I can keep walking forward in my own Path. Either way, the choice is mine. The choice is also yours.

You and I  can pursue your own agendas and desires. You and I can keep pushing people away until we are left with a kingdom of one that we get to rule over. You and I can keep shouting about our freedom and personal compass that is leading us where WE want to go. Always searching, never really finding. Always wanting, but never being satisfied.

But let me tell you something. That’s hard work, making your own path. It will lead you places you never wanted to go. I have gone down paths that seemed so bright and happy in the beginning, but then led to some really dark and scary places. When I chose to follow Jesus, I didn’t have to hack my way thru the forest of life. He made a path for me that is clear enough for the next few steps. Sometimes it seems like I am alone, but I have the comfort of God’s sweet promises to guide me. To remind me that He is with me all the way. He is with you too.

That’s what these fictional books are reminding me.



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