A letter to my son

Random tidbit: how is at an eyelash under my eyelid feels like a needle is being dragged across my eye ball?!

Oh my son

Walking with you out on that ball field the first day of camp, I could feel the tension in your shoulder blades. I know you were scared and nervous about all those other kids. Seeing them more confident and skilled at something you were just picking up made me scared and nervous too.
When you turned and told me you didn’t want to stay, I knew what you were really saying is that you didn’t want me to go. So I offered to stay by the dugout so you could see me when you got nervous and needed a reminder that you were loved.

When I saw you leave the field half way thu the first day I new you were feeling overwhelmed by all the information. So we took a break and you got some water. But I also knew that you were starting to let your fear of failure keep you from the joy of learning something new. And that’s no way to live, my son.

I know it was hard for you to go back out to the field. And I know I seemed tough and maybe not so nice, but I also know that you would have regretted not finishing that first day of camp.

Watching you walk out onto the field on the second day of camp, you had a spring in your step. You were excited to get back out there. I was excited for you too. Seeing you dive for the ball and then throw with all your might, there was such determination and then pride when your throw made it to the receiving player.

So when you get in a new situation and you feel overwhelmed, please know that I am always here, on the sidelines cheering you on. And when you feel like you aren’t enough for the task at hand I want you to remember that you can ask for help and learn what you need to learn to do the job.

I love you my son.


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