A conversation

Random: I sleep better thru a thunder storm. Something about the thunder and lightening just knocks me out. 

 The kids have made it thru the one-hundred eighty days of our school year. They dutifully counted down the days to Memorial Day weekend. They made it. We are on summer vacation. 
We can go to the pool, or sweat at the park. We can go to the library and sit in the shadow of the cool stacks. There are overnights to grandmas and family trips. 

But underneath all this languor and slowness of pace, there is a phrase entering my children’s vocabulary. The two words we over active and time constrained parents hate to hear. This is the conversation I have at least once a day,

Child: “I’m bored”.

Me: I don’t really understand how this is possible. We have fun filled days and over a hundred books on our shelves. We have a sprinkler and a park right outside. We have more toys than the toy section at Target! How can you possibly be bored, child?”

Child: “But I want to (insert a form of electronic entertainment). Everything else is boring.” 

Me: “Really? Then I guess it would be ok to pack up your toys and give them to someone else? Or maybe you would prefer to do a few of these chores that need to be done?” (Imagine cleaning base boards or dusting a shelf full of knick knacks.)

Child immediately runs upstairs and takes great interest in whatever was so boring before. 





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