Just a quick note

Random tidbit: As much as I love my sweaters and jeans I like the lighter laundry loads of summer.

It’s been awhile. Things happen, life happens. Please know that I haven’t given up. I’ve just been on a little sabbatical. Summers like that for us. Relaxed and laid back. There is space in summer for reflection and light and long meandering conversations about nothing.

There are overnights at grandmas, Family vacations you need a vacation from. Sometimes we go to church, other times we don’t because of various reasons. This is our time to relax from the busy time of the school year. With the programs and homework and activity that never ends.

We smell like sunscreen and sweat. The boys are brown like the bark of a tree. Our little miss has a continual rosy pink on those fair cheeks of hers. We stay up late and most of us sleep in. All except that little miss.

It’s a slower rhythm and we like it.

We have had some big heart lessons that have been learned this summer and all of us have grown up a little bit more. Those stories are to come. But for now it’s cheese and fruit for breakfast, Popsicles for lunch and burgers for dinner.

How is your summer going?



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